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Sioux City Dog Waste Removal

As low as $35/mo

Since 2015 Poo Sux has been providing professional dog waste removal (pooper scooper) and yard odor control solutions for people in and surrounding the Sioux City Area. 

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Dog Waste Removal

We come out and can clean up your dog waste on a recurring or one-time basis. Please submit the form above to view your prices.


Yard De-Odorizer

We have a yard friendly deodorizer that will help any smelly yard situation. This is a spray containing odor killing enzymes that help breakdown bad odors. This is a non-toxic biodegradable.


One-Time Only Clean

Have an absolute mess or build up? Or do you just need an extra hand because life is crazy? We'll clean it up. You can hire us for half an hour, hour or more. Starting at $45/half hour

All monthly service plans are subject to an initial cleaning fee which is $45/per half hour to bring the yard to a maintainable level. One time only rates are also available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no long term contracts or obligations. We only require that you complete the first months cost as well as any initial clean up costs associated with getting started.

Initial clean ups are considered the “First” clean up of a property. Generally we see a lot of these after winter and when a customer has a “build up” and needs an extra hand. See more about Initial Clean Ups.

We do not require a person be home. However if you prefer someone be home that's okay too just let us know upon placing your order.

If you have a build up or are looking for a cleaning we charge $45 per half hour needed to clean up the property. You can choose to cap the clean up also so we do not exceed your budget.

We have set service fee rates based on the number of dogs and service frequency. You will need to fill out a quote form in order to see your monthly rates. 

Our Yard Deodorizer and Odor Control Solutions are non-toxic and biodegradable.

No, certainly not. We remove the trash and dispose of it ourselves. (also a great selling point for the spouse. No smelly trash cans.)s